About Edward Nordskog

Nordskog has been an arson/bomb investigator, criminal analyst/profiler, and bomb technician for more that 21 years with the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. He has investigated more than 2,100 arson cases and handled nearly 600 hazardous device (bomb) calls. He has arrested and interviewed more than 320 people for arson, including more than 25 serial arsonists. He has been involved in 48 serial arson investigations. He has researched more than 900 cases of serial arson, and has published four books on the subjects of arsonists, serial arsonists, female arsonists, arson profiling, and incendiary devices. 

Ed has personally attended more than sixty fire fatality scenes of every type. He has provided case analysis on another fifty fire death cases including suicides, "cold cases" and arson body dumps to outside agencies at the local, state, and federal level. He is an internationally known instructor on the subjects of fire death scene investigation, serial arsonists, arson profiling/analysis, and incendiary devices. He routinely teaches federal agents on the subject of criminal bombers and their devices. He has testified on arson and bomb related subjects in criminal and civil courts on more than 110 occasions. He has received 90 medals, awards and commendations for criminal investigations, including the Arson Investigator of the Year and Outstanding Accomplishment by the International Association of Arson Investigators, and Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for his work on major arson investigations. He has recieved California State POST's award for Instructor of the Year for his role in teaching Fire Death Investigation and Arson-Explosion Investigations. 

Ed Nordskog can be contacted at ed@arsonprofiler.com or at ArsonProfiler.com

Ed Nordskog's Books Include:

  • Torchered Minds - Case histories of notorious serial arsonists. 
  • Fireraisers, Freaks, and Fiends - Obsessive arsonists in the California foothills.
  • The Arsonist Profiles
  • Incendiary Devices: Investigation and Analysis

Edward Nordskog